February gig guide – Live music on the Gold Coast


A trip to the Gold Coast by seminal 80s artists Sunnyboys, The Celebitate Rifles and Ed Kuepper leads the gig listing for February.

But the touring acts don’t stop there. The Gooch Palms, Twelve Foot Ninja, Paul Dempsey, Lagerstein, The Choirboys and Moreland and Arbuckle also have shows from Helensvale to Miami, Parkwood to Currumbin.

Local superstars Hussy Hicks, Casey Barnes, Adam Brand and Hanlon Brothers also have hometown gigs. There’s new ‘music in the park’ events at Cooly and Kirra, Waitangi Day celebrations at NightQuarter and Southport Sharks, Currumbin RSL has launched new Deck Acoustic sessions, Hard Rock Café continues its Friday night shows, both Adancetown Pub and Wallaby Hotel host original emerging artists and Summertime Sessions in the Village returns too.

In short, February’s a big month for music on the Gold Coast. You should go catch a gig…

Friday 3 February

Brad Butcher | Burleigh Brewing Co

CC The Cat | Currumbin RSL

Mrs Miyagi + Captain Dreamboat at Summertime Sessions In The Village | Cuddihy Park, Mudgeeraba

Pirates of the Tempest | Hard Rock Cafe

Sunnyboys + The Celibate Rifles + Ed Kuepper with Mark Dawson | NightQuarter

The Floating Bridges | Miami Marketta

Saturday 4 February

Andrea Kirwin Band + Shukuru Chapman | Miami Marketta

Chocolate Strings + Mickascene at Seaside Sounds | Musgrave St Foreshore, Kirra

Jerome Williams | Currumbin RSL

The Gooch Palms | Miami Shark Bar

Waitangi Day: House of Shem + Hanlon Brothers | NightQuarter

Waitangi Day: Sovereign | Southport Sharks

Sunday 5 February

Bare Foot Friday | Burleigh Brewing Co

Hayley Grace | Southport Sharks

Lisa Hunt | Advancetown Hotel

Satisvibes + Judah at Palmy Sunday Funday | Pirate Park, Palm Beach

The Rumjacks + Cactus Dill-Dos + Drop Ins | Currumbin Pub

Friday 10 February

BB Factory | Southport Sharks

Kwerkshoppe | Hard Rock Cafe

Paul Dempsey + Tia Gostelow + Jess Locke | NightQuarter

Phil and Tilley | Burleigh Brewing Co

Sam Buckingham | Currumbin RSL

Taylor + Foxfires at Summertime Sessions In The Village | Cuddihy Park, Mudgeeraba

Tennyson King | Dust Temple

The Vaudeville Smash + Scott Dalton | Miami Marketta

Saturday 11 February

Adam Brand + Gemma Kirby + Matt Cornell | NightQuarter

Devils Kiosk | Miami Marketta

Katie Who + Dogtags + David Aurora + Anonymous Club | Currumbin Pub

Largerstein | The Shark Bar, Miami

Luke Bennett | Currumbin RSL

The Hussy Hicks + Dave Taylor at Seaside Sounds | Musgrave St Foreshore, Kirra

Sunday 12 February

Benny D Williams | The Avenue

Simon Meola | Southport Sharks

Gavin Doniger | Burleigh Brewing Co

The Long Johns + Mattie Rogers at Palmy Sunday Funday | Pirate Park, Palm Beach

Tuesday 14 February

Tennyson King | The Cambus Wallace

Wednesday 15 February

Skyscraper Stan | The Cambus Wallace

Thursday 16 February

Twelve Foot Ninja | Miami Shark Bar

Friday 17 February

Bill Jacobi | Currumbin RSL

Casey Barnes + Innocent Eve + Harry J Hart | NightQuarter

Coastal Lights + Catchpole + Salt & Steel + Jade Peterson | Currumbin Pub

Kellie Knight & The Daze | Miami Marketta

Luke Houselander | Hard Rock Cafe

Marshall Okell + The Long Johns at Summertime Sessions In The Village | Cuddihy Park, Mudgeeraba

Matty Rogers  | Burleigh Brewing Co

Saturday 18 February

Alvin & d’Band Jahbutu + Sean Fitzgerald | Miami Marketta

Sarah Archer | Currumbin RSL

The Geordie Leach Band – All Stitched Up Album Launch | Currumbin Pub

The Lyrical + Benny D Williams at Seaside Sounds | Musgrave St Foreshore, Kirra

Winterbourne + Floating Bridges + Jason Temple | NightQuarter

Sunday 19 February

Benny D Williams | The Boatshed, Currumbin

Josh Lee Hamilton | Burleigh Brewing Co

The Lyrical + Mickascene at Palmy Sunday Funday | Pirate Park, Palm Beach

Friday 24 February

Bare Bones + Kirsty Abrahams at Summertime Sessions In The Village | Cuddihy Park, Mudgeeraba

Bearfoot + Dosed + Josh Lovegrove | NightQuarter

Benny D Williams | Hard Rock Cafe

Choirboys | Parkwood Tavern

Jack Tully + Sean Fitzgerald | Miami Marketta

Moreland & Arbuckle | Soundlounge Currumbin

Nick Cunningham | Burleigh Brewing Co

Saturday 25 February

AKoVA + Shukuru Chapman | Miami Marketta

Hussy Hicks + Christie Lenée | NightQuarter

Michael Eotvos | Currumbin RSL

Sunday 26 February

Jake Whittaker | Wallaby Hotel

Nicky Convine | Currumbin RSL

Nicole Parker-Brown and The Late Late Show | Advancetown Hotel

Phil and Tilley | Burleigh Brewing Co

The Long Johns + Essie Thomas at Seaside Sounds | Queen Elizabeth Park, Cooly


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