Enviro-friendly coffee capsules hit the market

Coffee Roasters - BioCap Coffee Capsules
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A Gold Coast company has launched a range of biodegradable coffee pods, saying the innovative solution is the answer to a growing environmental issue.

Coffee Roasters, headquartered in Arundel, highlights that Australians consume three million coffee capsules a day, or more than one billion a year, and until now the aluminium and plastic pods used by manufacturers were not biodegradable.

Through its sister company Capsule Pack, the business is now able to produce 100 per cent biosourced and biodegradable coffee pods.

Capsule Pack owner Mark Beattie says the new BioCap capsules are a composite material obtained by transforming cereal plants to replace petro-chemical based plastics.

“We spent a lot of time in testing the performance of the biodegradable capsule,” he says.

“Our new biodegradable capsules have the same, if not better, performance versus the current capsules but the difference is that they take days to compost rather than hundreds of years.

“The plastic and aluminium capsules could take anywhere between 150 years to 500 years to break down but our new capsules will biodegrade within 180 days.

“Our pods are the first locally produced bio-degradable pods that are available to Australia’s coffee industry.”

Beattie says Capsule Pack is now marketing the new capsules to coffee roasters throughout Australia.

He says he hopes the coffee industry would race to embrace the new BioCap capsules providing a long term viable solution to the single serve capsule market.

“The dilemma of what to do with the old-style coffee pods has emerged as an environmental concern in recent years and in some places around the world, such as the German city of Hamburg where coffee pods have been banned from state-run buildings,” he says.

“Hopefully the industry in Australia will adopt these new capsules and the environmental problems will be significantly reduced.

Capsule Pack was established in 2013 as a contract packer to service the coffee industry’s need for Australian packed capsules including coffee, chocolate and other beverages.

Meanwhile, Coffee Roasters Australia is a specialist coffee roasting equipment designer, manufacturer and distributer headed by Mark and Alana Beattie.

Coffee Roasters Australia was set up in 2002 largely as a distributor for Coffee Roasting machines to the Australian market.

The company has since evolved to design and manufacture coffee roasting equipment, develop coffee roasting software, roasting training and consulting services and the wholesale manufacturing of coffee capsules for a variety of coffee roasting customers.

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