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Forget dreading 9 to 5 weekdays sipping sad instant coffee in a cold, drab cubicle. The Gold Coast is home to an array of fab and funky offices that inspire creativity, productivity and collaboration.

From loft-style warehouses to repurposed ambulance stations and open-plan headquarters with ocean views, here are four of the coolest offices on the Coast.

40/40 Creative

With beers in the vending machine, graffiti on the walls and cash-prize video game tournaments, 40/40 Creative Agency at Arundel is a place to work and play hard.

The space is as fluid as the agency’s ideas, with walls that constantly change with murals, neon signs and artworks, and workspaces that evolve around clusters of rare toys, books, records, clothing, sneakers, sculptures and other collectibles.

The space also has its own photo studio, a lounge area (with Netflix) and shopfront for the agency’s Forty Supply Co brand, which sells books, art and clothing.

“The office design is pretty much centred around what we all love,” Creative Director Nic Nichols says.

“We are all collectors in one way or another and that is emphasised with the sheer amount of stuff and collectibles here.

“You need to be comfortable and inspired in your workplace to produce the best work. We’ve created something comfortable and inspiring.”

The office has seven onsite creatives as well as a constant stream of artists, photographers, videographers and models working on a wide range of collaborative projects.

According to staff, “from 9am to 5pm, it’s pretty much heads down, music up and get shit done,” but there’s always time to hang out towards the end of the day once everyone has finished up any last-minute work.


Spanning two historical locations in Southport, CoSpaces is one of the Gold Coast’s most distinctive shared office-space offerings.

One location is the Gold Coast’s first ambulance station, built in 1922, and the other is the site of Southport’s original post office, which was redeveloped into a Telecom Exchange in the early 1970s.

“There is a feeling you get from both buildings that you can’t quite put into words,” CEO Ben Howe says. “The history and energy that’s in the walls just flows through you.”

At CoSpaces, businesses and independent professionals can rent the buildings’ offices, co-working desks, meeting and events rooms by the hour, day, week or month.

The buildings’ original designs contrast perfectly with contemporary elements such as custom furniture, plants and lighting, while the onsite cafe, Percy’s Corner, keeps CoSpacers suitably caffeinated.

Howe says the fun, busy and friendly atmosphere makes the space somewhere workers can feel comfortable being as social as they like.

“We have a range of startups who inspire and support each other along with established businesses who share clients, advice and services with each other,” Howe says.

“There are many stories of members who have landed clients or large amounts of business from the connections they have established at CoSpaces.”


Burleigh Heads content and PR agency Zakazukha’s office is a showcase of art and design from the 20th century.

The agency’s creative studio is nestled above the warehouse space on a mezzanine, with hanging plants suspended on vintage Indian timber pulleys gracing the level below.

The office sports an impressive collection of quaint décor reflective of its output, with typewriters and an antique printing press (words), old valve radios (sound) and early-model movie cameras and projectors (pictures).

Even their musical media is retro — the team bop along to more than 500 CDs and old funk vinyl while they work.

The client area downstairs has park views and an eclectic assortment of antique and industrial-style furniture and Indigenous art. There’s even an upright piano.

Zakazukha’s Mad Men-style drinks trolley is wheeled out weekly for Friday afternoon cocktails with clients and collaborators. Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars are also on offer.

“We like history, pop culture and politics,” says owner Bruce Nelson, “so Fridays always make for a lively discussion.”

Nelson says the office’s décor and design enhances the team’s creativity.

“Our interests are reflected in our pieces, like the propaganda art, mid-century curios and vintage Marvel comics in the foyer,” Nelson says.

“It’s a very relaxed, social atmosphere here and our guests pick up on that and feel right at home.”


Wyndham Corporate Centre

A 5-star Green Star-rated building at Bundall, Wyndham Corporate Centre has around 430 employees and offers expansive views of the ocean, waterways and hinterland.

The building’s sustainable design embraces natural light, harvests rainwater and its long-distance views help reduce eyestrain while providing a visual connection to the outdoors.

The company is also trialling stand-up workstations, and there’s a range of indoor and outdoor chill-out zones where workers can take a break, conduct meetings or connect with colleagues.

Staff can access the onsite fully equipped gym — even on weekends — and enjoy delicious, healthy subsidised meals at the company café, Canteen Social.

Wyndham’s global corporate wellness program, Be Well, also sees staff benefit from subsidised private health cover, free weekly yoga and meditation classes, stand-up paddleboarding lessons and desk massages once a fortnight.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific President and Managing Director Barry Robinson says staff health, happiness and personal growth is a major focus.

“When people feel happy, healthy and valued they get a greater sense of accomplishment from their work,” Robinson says.

“We have high expectations of our employees, and we place a lot of emphasis on recruiting the right people. We are a hospitality company, so attitude is everything.

“Once they are a part of our team, we promote their wellbeing along with their professional development.”

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