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How this entrepreneur turned a lifelong passion into a thriving business

Natalie O'Driscoll | January 2017

The story behind Jason Daniel and LooseKid Industries (LKI) is inspiring – a lifelong passion turned into a successful business, with a little help from friends, family, and the natural environment that nurtured a loose kid’s big dreams.

Growing up, Gold Coast youngster Jason raced Motocross, surfed and rode BMX – anything that involved action sports.

In 2007 his entrepreneurial spirit flared and he turned a small business loan from his mum into LKI – a lifestyle clothing brand inspired by wheels and water sports.

LKI, which aims to promote, develop and embrace the culture of action sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it, has grown from three to more than 15 staff over the past nine years.

The business works with more than 350 stockists in Australia, including retail giant City Beach, and has a presence in New Zealand, America and Taiwan.

Jason estimates the business is growing at 30 per cent each year with its social media following surpassing 230,000 followers. He attributes the growth to LKI’s ever-expanding international reach:

“The brand is now shipping online orders daily internationally. We are also exporting internationally across a number of countries with some big plans and a new international deal the company is working on right now.”

LKI’s company values include innovation and determination. Jason says he ensures that all team members are passionate about the brand and lifestyle it supports, and tells us these ideals trickle down in every product created.

“We want to create products that we believe in as a brand. At the end of the day we want to keep it fun, as this is how it all started.”

The Gold Coast lifestyle and range of sporting activities available on the Gold Coast influenced Jason in establishing LKI.

It was also the presence of successful national and international brands founded on the Gold Coast which gave him the confidence to pursue his business dreams.

“Knowing so many businesses started on the Gold Coast including some huge international head offices here – they definitely paved the way to help growing brands like LKI.”

Jason is now keen to give back by inspiring and supporting young athletes on the Gold Coast:

“We support a lot of up and coming athletes and advocates across wheels, water and lifestyle including Olympian BMX riders, professional wakeboarders and Motocross.

“Supporting the next generation of junior athletes and advocates is super important to us at LKI. We all have to start somewhere and if we can be a part of the journey from the start, it’s a really good feeling seeing them achieve their goals.”

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