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Gold Coast company shaking up the ‘mummy market’

Natalie O’Driscoll | April 2017

A Gold Coast couple is taking on the competitive shakes market with an all-natural product.

When Zandra Zigic gave birth to long-awaited son Alexander in 2008, she was like any new mum.

“The pressure was on to breastfeed and lose weight and be as healthy as one can with a new baby,” she says.

Zandra searched the shelves for a shake which suited her, and found the majority either lacked in nutrients sufficient for breastfeeding mums, or were full of unpronounceable chemicals and sweeteners.

Using her background in natural therapies and nutrition, Zandra formulated her own recipes, creating two separate products. The first, Breastfeeding Mums shake, focuses on supporting milk production, body replenishment and energy, while the Busy Mums shake is a whole food formula that targets body nourishment, weight management, and balanced serotonin levels.

These innovative, all-natural formulas turned out to be the first shakes of their kind. Once the idea was hatched, Zandra and her husband Sasha set about making sure everything was in place to ensure ongoing success for their company, Superlife Shakes.

“We spent a great deal of time and capital on patenting, legals, and consultation with experts,” says Zandra.

Finally Superlife Shakes took their products to the 2010 Baby and Kids Expo in Brisbane, and haven’t looked back.

The feedback received consistently by Zandra and Sasha is that the Mummy Shake has assisted with boosting milk supply, making for fuller and longer-sleeping babies – a Godsend for exhausted mums. Gluten-free and manufactured on the Gold Coast, Mummy Shakes are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients including fennel, turmeric and dandelion root.

In a market which is saturated with products claiming to drop kilos and boost energy for desperate parents, the Mummy Shake seems to be breaking out of the pack, with doctors, midwives, nutritionists and personal trainers recommending it to their patients and clients.

There has even been some international movement.

“In June 2013, we signed an agreement with a lady in the UK to become our distributor for UK and France,” says Zandra.

“The shake has been tested and certified in British laboratories to meet food guidelines… and was approved to be part of the Ministry of Health UK National Parent Guide. It is given to mothers with newborns.”

Not bad for a small family business. In Queensland, the Mummy Shake has had a recent breakthrough in retail.

“Our Mummy Shakes have been picked up and stocked by all 19 Malouf Pharmacies,” says Zandra.

“They are an amazing family run pharmacy, who are very excited to be stocking the products. Particularly given the ingredients, health benefits and more importantly helping a small local business.

“And just recently we were invited to be part of their Aussie Events brand, which was only for a select number companies.”

With more than 1,000 online customers and a presence on pharmacy shelves, the Mummy Shake brand certainly seems to be on the rise. It also seems to help that the product was developed by a mum, for mums.

“Our business is only small, but it services the most important clients in the world; Mums and in turn babies,” says Zandra.

It’s this belief that their product can make a difference which drives Superlife Shakes to expand wherever possible. Keen to break into further international markets, Zandra and Sasha are reaching out to Trade and Investment Queensland in the hope of breaking into Taiwan, or China.

“Their export officers love the product,” says Zandra.

“It has amazing potential with the right support and distribution networks.”

With an innovative product and increasing local and international interest – as well as a new shake currently in development – Superlife Shakes are one to watch.

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