Social Media Rules

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At More Gold Coast we want to share all there is to the Gold Coast with the world. In collaboration with our partners, we want to make sure everyone is happy using our social media channels. Please play nice, and abide by these simple page rules:

Do not:

  • Post anything that could be considered prejudicial, racist, off-topic, inflammatory, promotional, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Swear. We want everyone visiting our channels to be comfortable and appreciate the content we share.
  • Harass or make personal attacks against other users. Respect your fellow community members and their opinions.
  • Reveal any personal or sensitive information about others on social media.
  • Spam! We love news and events but please don’t repeatedly repost appeals, request or offers. Anything that we consider spam will be deleted at the administrator’s discretion.
  • Link to other websites, social media pages or off-topic pages Our social media channels are about the Gold Coast, Australia.

Any comment deemed to fit under these definitions will be subject to deletion.
Users found to be repeatedly engaging in the above activities will be banned from this page.
The decision to ban a user by page administrators is FINAL.


  • Share your photos, news and events with us using the hashtag #moregoldcoast or by sending us a private message via Facebook. Due to the volume of content we may not get back to everyone personally but we will always credit photos that are highlighted or share on our page.
  • Report offensive material. Complaints about offensive material should be made directly to Facebook using the report function.

By following these simple guidelines, you will help make our jobs easier and allow us to focus on sharing quality content.

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